Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Guildford extra slim!

Those of you who have children might have experienced the special feeling when you first meet your older child again just after the new baby has arrived - suddenly the older child is incredibly big! Huge! A giant!

It happened to me today. No, I didn't have a new baby, but I did meet a new filofax! Guildford extra slim came in the mail this afternoon.

First impression: But it's so tiny?! 

Second impression: It's really, really tiny!

Third: It's like an a4, except it's for a doll's house?!

Fourth: It's small even for a wallet...

See for yourself! Here it is, on top of Roxy, my A5 Finsbury:

And here with it's bigger relative, the Guildford slimline:

And here it is again, next to my mini Finsbury:

I bought it used, for just under 10 euros (where's the euro sign on my keyboard?). The rings are 11 mm and in good condition. Only 54g. The leather is the same as in the other Guildfords I own. Smooth and very soft.  No mesh pockets, I'm happy with that... No pen loop.

There's some sign of wear on the outside, but nothing that bothers me. 

I will use it for my action lists, which have so far travelled mostly in the mini Finsbury. The Finsbury has a calendar in it, but I very rarely use it so I think I'll manage with a monthly overview instead. I can put some of my most used cards in the pockets, like my id, bank and credit card, passcard for the office, public transport card. But that's about it. 

See, the action lists have already moved in! There's to much personal stuff in there so I won't show you more than this, sorry... ;-) But I have ten or so sections for actions in context, e.g., at home, at the office, talk to my DH, buy, pay, findout etc. and I use them all the time.

I think I will be very happy with this filofax! But I think it will take me atleast a day or too to look at the others without thinking they're too big and clumsy! 

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  1. I love, love, love my Guildford extra slim filofax. It goes everywhere with me b/c it's so tiny. I wish filofax still made them. *Sigh* But I hope you enjoy yours!!!!!!