Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hello world, and Meet my darlings!

I'm Maria and I love my stationery.

I've had a passion for all things pen and paper since I was a little girl. This fact is so well established that it even made it's way into my sister's speech at my wedding (she used it as a proof of my character)... I am sure you understand :-)

I'd like you to meet my Filofaxes: from the top: a mini Finsbury in black, Guildford slimline (also in black) and Roxy, my lovely Raspberry Finsbury A5.

I bought my first filofax many years ago when I was at university, and I used it for years until the mechanism broke. It was a black slimline, I am not sure which model but it might have been a Finsbury, the leather was very similar. I bought as many inserts I could afford at the time, and felt very grown up using it.

A few years later, when my boys were young, I didn't feel I had the need for a big organiser and that was when I got the mini Finsbury instead of simply a replacement for the first when it fell apart. There wasn't much room for anything bigger in the diaper bag anyway. The black mini has cute bite marks my son made once..

When I went back to work I needed more room for notes, and so I got the slimline Guildford. Since I had used that size before I thought it would work, and it did for a while, but there's simply not room enough for notes. We have four boys and my life no longer fits into a personal/slimline size filofax!

Now I use the A5 Finsbury (Roxy) for everything personal and family related, and sort of the hard outlines of my work schedule (trips, project deadlines etc). Roxy stays at home, but I carry my action lists with me in the Guildford or mini Finsbury to work or when I'm out on errands.

Oh, and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

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