Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bond is ready to go to work

Since I received Bond in the mail the other day, I've organized the inside for a flexible start next week at work! What I did:
  • I removed all of the dividers. I will make up my own later on anyway, and I will use removeable tabs when I realize what needs to be kept separate. A very organic, self organising approach...
  • I trimmed the calendar, keeping only future dates. For now. I'll decide later on what format fits me best when I've used it for a while. 
  • An "inbox" pocket. I made a clear pocket for my inbox notes, it will go in at the front. Opens at the top. I've already added some things in the inbox, the little green square notes.
  • I've never used the to-do-lists or fold out project planning pages in any filofax, and I have some sort of resistance against using them, so out they went! 
  • Note pad. I put in a lined note pad from Ordning&Reda (it's a perfect a5 after you rip out the sheet, I like that...) at the back of the binder, in the horizontal pocket.
  • Loose note paper. I had a pile of filofax squared a5 and I figured I'd give them a try. I usually prefer ruled or blank paper, but I'll be daring here... I also had some simple ruled a5s from an office depot pad and I punched them and added them as well. 

Bond and I are ready for work tomorrow!

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