Thursday, 15 November 2012

Whitelines link

Look what I picked up today! I saw on Whitelines' facebook page that you could get a free sample pad of Whitelines link if you registered through the app Freebee and went to the Bokia bookstore and showed the digital coupon (it might only be available in Sweden, I haven't checked that). So I did! And here it is:

Whitelines link is a special adaptation of the Whitelines' paper that makes it possible to scan what you've written or drawn on a sheet of Whitelines link paper using an app (available in the AppStore). You can decide if the resulting image should be sent by email, to Evernote or Dropbox by checking one or more of the boxes at the bottom of each page.

The app seems to align the sheet by using the special corners, shown below. 

The sheets are A5 after they have been removed, the perforation is where it should be :-) I will add some of these A5s to my Roxy and will tell you what I think when I've used it for a while.

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