Friday, 16 November 2012

Meet Bond, A5 Bond...

I found an ad for a brand new unused, very reasonably priced, A5 Bond, and I bought it... My though was to use it for work, as my stay-at-work planner. It arrived in the mail today! Here he is!

It's the same model as the one I used for my son's Birthday project. He seems to be in good shape, the rings are looking well (fingers crossed there). It doesn't lay flat when opened, but I'll work on that.

It may be a little out of character and a perhaps a little mean to Mr Bond, but I wanted a filofax that wasn't pretty enough to distract me from my actual work. Anything in genuine leather would have me stroking it and sighing instead of planning... Grown up decision, eh?

The set-up 
I will use it for taking notes in meetings, for pen-and-paper planning, for keeping reference material handy and action lists for my different projects. I will also keep track of hours spent on different projects. I am not sure I'll want to use the generic calendar, rather loose sheets for the week at hand when I'm busy with a particular project (they usually don't overlap). My work requires some travelling, and I have spent too many hours offline in an airplane without access to some important piece of information I needed... No more!

My preliminary sections/dividers:
  • Inbox
  • Meeting notes
  • Next actions
  • Waiting for
  • Project 1
  • Project 2
  • Project 3
  • Project 4
  • Later
  • Someday/maybe
  • Reference material
  • Email addresses and phone numbers for my colleagues and clients
    (good to have on paper as well as digitally)

I think that's it! I'll give you an update on how I progress with my work set up.


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