Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Punching and cutting, getting ready for new arrivals

Tonight I've been busy preparing some more paper for my Bond at work. I bought a pad of 60g lined paper without any holes on my way home from work today. It's nicely perforated at the top and comes out a5. And then I punched all hundred sheets! See?

When I was done, I was still itching for some more DIY... I decided cut up some pocket size paper in preparation for some new Filofax arrivals this week. That's right. Not one. Some. Three actually. So far. 

Last week I kept myself busy on Tradera, the Swedish subsidiary of Ebay, carelessly placing lazy (low) bids on items that looked even remotely interesting. Since they are Filofaxes, nearly all of them are interesting... I never thought I would win them for the price I was willing to pay, at least not that many! 

Don't tell my family :-) but this week I will get three lovely parcels containing:
  • a red pocket Finsbury
  • a chestnut pocket Cuban
  • a brown pocket Kendal
I have already started making plans for them, naturally...

Oh, and by the way - I'm so pleased with Dahle, the paper cutter! It's a dream to work with. Sturdy, easy to use and oh, so good at avoiding fanning. If you are considering one, I would definately recommend it!

As you can see the pocket paper is not punched yet, and that's because I haven't got a pocket hole punch (yet). It's on its way too, and then I'll make confetti to celebrate my new filofaxes!

Keep your fingers crossed I'm not as lucky with the rest of the auctions, the ones that haven't ended yet... On second thought - don't keep your fingers crossed. I want them :-)


  1. 3 new Filos. Wow! Is waiting for the mail 3times harder?? hahaha

    Ummm, a little advertise for my own blog, but also a great hint for your "Pocket Paper Problem".

    It´s my tutorial on how to Punch Paper, without a fitting Punchhole ;)

    I hope it´ll help you. Please let me know ;)

  2. Wow!!! I hope they arrive soon :o)

  3. Actually yes, 3 times harder :)