Sunday, 25 November 2012

Writing real estate in Kendal

One of the new arrivals turned out to be a PERSONAL Kendal instead of the POCKET Kendal I thought I was bidding on. Ah well, it's still beautiful!

Very beautiful actually. The leather ages with grace, and I think I'll like it even more with time. And being used to a Guildford slimline I'm completely head over heels in love with the ring size, too! 23 mm instead of 11! I decided I want to use it as a notebook, only the personal paper size is too small for me. And there seemed to be so much space around the edges? I made my own. Slightly bigger than personal. The width at the bottom is 10,5 cm (a6 width) and the length is 18 cm. I got three sheets out of each a4.

 This is how it compares to a personal size sheet.

Punching was a little tricky, but I removed the plastic ends on the puncher so there was no obstacle for the paper.

Filled to the brim and ready to go! I love how much writing real estate there is in here!


  1. That looks awesome....filled but not stuffed & loads of room to write.
    What is it about the Kendal, I just got my new Holborn Personal in Wine, which I've been lusting after and yet I keep looking at pics of the Kendal.
    It must be the robust, yet classic look :)

  2. And the leather! Don't get me started about that waxy, yet smooth surface... I love Holborns too, I fondled one the other day and *almost* left the store with it.

    I'm a little unhappy about the Kendal right now, see my most recent post about the mesh pocket :-(